Feb 132012


  4 Responses to “Suburban Food Chains (a.k.a. “mommy, where are all my Barbie shoes?””

  1. Hurrah, you saved one! (So glad we haven’t gotten to Barbies yet.)

  2. I never had a Barbie as a kid because my mom didn’t want me to get my hopes up I’d have big boobs. (Ha! Joke’s on you, mom!). But I can’t see the appeal, anyway. They’re weird.

  3. Barbie shoes last about 2 seconds in this house. I have to be honest, I am stoked when little toys like that end up in my vacuum. It means they won’t be around to torture me in the future. But then we just get new crap to replace our old crap for Hoover to eat. Hoover is well fed.

  4. That post was inspired by your princess shoe organizing post. It got me thinking.

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