Apr 102012

  4 Responses to “Our vacation was awesome! Or: Mom, I’m really sorry about your new carpet”

  1. LOL!
    This reminds me of our last trip to the in laws! We did not have our son yet, but I was pregnant with him. My husband got food poisoning and we were on the Amtrak train for 23 hours because of snow/ blizzard delays. (My in laws live in North Dakota, I don’t know who’s brilliant idea it was to visit them in January, be we went) I had to climb up to the top bunk in our sleeper car while very big and un-graceful so my husband could get out and get to the bathrooms every 20 minutes.
    Cannot imagine the trip with kids! Your mom really is Super Mom :)

  2. On the train??? Oh, that must have been terrible for you all!! I used to take the train from Oregon to Wyoming in the winter, and it was beautiful; once I saw a giant herd of pronghorn at dawn in Northern Utah.

  3. Oh my gosh, Heather. You crack me up. Thank God you were spared, because if you had been spewing, too…oy. and the dog eating it…I just sat here snort laughing.

    Ahhhhh, good stuff, friend. Hope you are having a great day –

  4. Gah, I hope every one feels better. Grandmas are the best! I cant deal with puke. The smell just makes my stomach start to turn.

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