Oct 082012

The name of the person who is solely responsible for me not posting very much for the last, oh, few months is: Heather Alexander. If you have a complaint, please direct it to her. The GOOD news is that we’ve been so busy because she wrote a book that I love, love, love and was gracious enough to let me illustrate and design it. It’s now available on Amazon, eBook, and Kindle.

The other part of the good and bad news is that I can get back to regular blogging now, but I really miss corresponding with her constantly.

Also, we got a cat. I was thinking something was missing in my life and maybe I should go back to church, but it turns out I didn’t need more God, just more cat.

  5 Responses to “And then this happened . . .”

  1. Thanks for being the Godmother of this book and making it great. I LOVED working with you, and am so glad to know you. We were totally meant to be friends.


  2. What?!? That’s pretty damn awesome. Going to tell the world now.

  3. Shan, you’re the greatest.

  4. Hey – Congrats!!! I had no idea – I’ll go look for it!!! That’s awesome Heather!!!

  5. Fantastic!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Congratulations.

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