Oct 172012

  4 Responses to “Scared of the Dark”

  1. Those pesky ghosts! My girls have taken up saying, “There’s nothing to be afraid of!” (I’m guessing it’s from Doc McStuffins or something.) The other day I overheard Mad expanding on the theory with full arm gestures, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, except ghosts and real spiders. They’re scary!” True enough.

  2. Wonder if “monster spray” would work for ghosts too? That’s what my mom always used. (Green food coloring in water in a small spray bottle, spritzed in dark corners, under the bed and in the closet right before you get tucked in)

  3. Your kids are awesome! Clearly, it’s hereditary.

  4. Oh – that’s brilliant! You should totally make and market monster spray.

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