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  • Little Lola by Julie Saab and David Gothard

    Book Review: Little Lola

    First, you should know that David Gothard is a colleague of mine and he is a terrifically nice and talented person with super-cute kids, which will obviously make this review non-biased, but we’re not running a newspaper here in blog-ville, are we? No, we are not. We love journalism and we love not-journalism. Second, you […]

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    Book review: Everything Goes – Henry Goes Skating

    We loved “Everything Goes on Land” by Brian Biggs (see previous review!) so we were super excited about the early reader “Everything Goes – Henry Goes Skating,” since Emily, our 5-year-old, is just starting to read. Either that, or she memorizes books. It’s hard to say for sure. Unfortunately, Emily didn’t even get her paws […]

  • EverythingGoes

    Book review: Everything Goes on Land

      “Everything Goes on Land” by Brian Biggs is a combination storybook, look-and-find, and counting book that is layered with subplots, how-things-work diagrams, and easy humor. Fair warning to parents: If you read it as a bedtime book, which you absolutely should, start the bedtime process early, because you and your little ones will want extra […]

  • PeteTheCat_chloe

    Book review: Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes

      If you’re encouraging any kind of music appreciation in your child, you’ll love this book. It has a natural cadence to it without relying on rhyme; when you’re reading it aloud the words come out in a slow smooth beat like you should be at a poetry mike with a bass plucking away in […]

  • WhenMyBabySleeps

    Book review: When My Baby Dreams

      When My Baby Dreams is a collection of cleverly staged photos of a sleeping baby named Mila arranged in dreamlike scenarios made out of what appears to be laundry. The author apparently had a blog of the photos and it became quite popular, now the book. You’re jealous, right? Who wouldn’t be? My initial […]

  • ExtraYarn_emily

    Book review: Extra Yarn

      Extra yarn is about a little girl in a winter town who finds a box of yarn that never runs out. It’s a kind of gentle fairy tale with just a hint of magic, the kind of magic that’s quiet and in the background and takes second stage to the real miracles of kindness, […]