Aug 162012

We loved “Everything Goes on Land” by Brian Biggs (see previous review!) so we were super excited about the early reader “Everything Goes – Henry Goes Skating,” since Emily, our 5-year-old, is just starting to read. Either that, or she memorizes books. It’s hard to say for sure. Unfortunately, Emily didn’t even get her paws on it before Daisy, the 2-year-old, swiped it and has been hoarding it ever since. She hides it under her blanket until it’s time to read and only then does she take it out; if anyone else tries to touch it she says NO! and crosses her fat little arms defiantly. It’s the only book she lets me to read cover to cover without asking to skip pages.

It follows the basic format of the other one, and perhaps all of the books in this series; Henry, the main character, goes somewhere with his family and they see things that go along on the way: cars, trucks, buses, even horses. I love how, in this early reader book, the word “zamboni” is introduced because it’s a fun word to read and say, and I’m sure when Emily finally gets ahold of the book she’ll feel really good about piecing those sounds together.

I’m not sure what Daisy loves SO MUCH about it, but I suspect it’s the same reason we like “Everything Goes on Land.” It’s just so – happy. She wants everything explained in detail, and the birds with hats are of endless fascination for her. She likes the bus pages a lot, too, which would make the writer glad because we gleaned from the other book how much he likes drawing them. And we’re thankful he does.

Disclosure: I’m not paid to do this review, but I did get the book for free from a super nice person at HarperCollins. 

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